5 Big Reasons why Morata should join United:

1.) He scores goals.

Manchester United only scored 54 goals in the premier league last season., 31 less than the champions Chelsea. United also had a very poor conversion rate of 13.0% even though they created the 4th most chances in the division. Morata scored an impressive 15 goals and created 4 assists in just 14 appearances in La Liga. Only Messi has a better goals per minute ratio than the 24 year old. He scores goals which United desperately need.


2.) He’s Spanish.

With the uncertainty of Diego Costa’s future and the questioning of his mentality, Morata can establish himself as Spain’s number 9 in a United shirt. He also already knows Herrera, De Gea and Mata within the team who can help him settle in Manchester life.


3) He has played with Pogba.

It seems Jose is also building around Paul Pogba this summer as United have been linked with several players who have played with/are friendly with the french man; Griezmann, Lukaku and now Morata. A prime example of Morata and Pogba playing well together is their 4-0 win over Chievo at Juventus. Morata made the perfect runs for Pogba’s service and the two slaughtered their opposition. Exciting times  we are in if Morata comes to Old Trafford.


4.) Jose has mentored him before at Real.

Jose knows Alvaro from his time at Real Madrid, giving the youngster his debut and the opportunity to wear the white shirt. Jose doesn’t play youth eh? Morata admires Mourinho for giving him this opportunity and Jose clearly has a big influence in this transfer saga. Jose has told Morata that he “will be important” here and has set out the first goal of winning the premier league.


5.) He’s still young and has a desire.

There will be a lot of question marks from other fans and even some United fans with the signing of Morata, especially the price he’s labelled with. However the youngster has a point to prove if he does end up at Old Trafford, making him more hungrier to score goals and this can only benefit United. If United do sign him which looks very likely, it will be a great and important move from both parties. Lets hope this is not another Falcao situation!



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